EXTERIER 1 scaled - COTTAGE BY THE DAM - mämā design


Info: Architecture and interior proposal
Brno, CZ

Year: 2022

An abandoned cottage near the Brno dam was in desperate need of a complete reconstruction. As a result, the floor plan of the cottage was expanded, allowing the kitchen to be connected to the living room and the overall space to be aerated.

From the exterior to the interior, the green color blends in, which is used on the window frames as well as in the kitchen and on the furniture.

An important element throughout the interior is the traditional tiled stove, which is also used for seating and lounging.

The whole interior draws on natural materials and traditional elements. The dominant material is the stone worktop used in the indoor and outdoor kitchen. The outdoor space seamlessly connects and extends the interior.

Pudorysy - COTTAGE BY THE DAM - mämā design